Installation instructions for each product can be found in two places:

Under “Downloads” in the order confirmation you received from us.

Under “Downloads” in “My Account”.

If you did not create an account when purchasing the product, your order will be automatically linked to your account after purchase.

Game: All games are linked to your personal game account. To reinstall, log into the platform where the game was saved (e.g. Steam or Origin. See the installation instructions that came with the order of the platform your game is using).

Microsoft products:
The product is linked to your Microsoft account.
Connect to one of the following links to reinstall your product:

Other products / I can’t find my registered product anywhere:
Contact us and we will help you.

All of our products are delivered digitally in the form of a game or software product key. Most product keys are automatically emailed when payment is complete. Also check the spam folder, in some cases it can stay there.

Optionally, the code can be downloaded under “My Account”. If you did not create an account during your purchase, the order will be automatically added to the account when you create an account.

How to find the code:

Go to “My Account” by clicking “Hello, [your name]” in the top right corner of the webpage.
Tap on “Orders”. Locate the correct Order ID and press VIEW on the far right under the ‘ACTION’ heading.
Below the total amount on the order page you will find the product keys for each product you have purchased.

If the product key is not listed on the order page, it will be emailed to you automatically within one hour of purchase (Monday to Sunday 10:00am to 11:00pm).

If you have not received the product key after two hours, please contact us.

Error message: The product key is activated to the maximum (error message after installation)

First read the installation instructions carefully. If this still doesn’t solve the problem, contact us.

Error message: The product key has already been used (Error message on before installation)

Contact us.

Microsoft Windows:
Error message: Product key does not work

Have you checked that you bought the right version of Windows? For example, you cannot activate Windows 10 Pro with a home button. Then you need to reinstall Windows. In this case, reinstall Windows.
To upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro or activate Home N / Pro N, see here:
– Upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro
– Information about Windows 10 Home N & Pro N
Error message: The product key has already been used:

Contact us.

All other products:
Error message: The product key has already been used:

Make sure you read the installation instructions first. If this still doesn’t solve the problem, contact us.

Error message: The product key is invalid or a similar error message:

Did you follow the activation procedure correctly? See the installation instructions at the top of this page.
Have you verified that the product you purchased is activated on the correct device, console or platform? (e.g. PC or Mac? Steam or Origin? Xbox, PS4 or Nintendo?)

Find the items you want. Use the search box at the top center or search for products in the category. Each product has its own product information page with product information.
Put the items in the shopping cart. Use the Buy button on the product information page to add the product there. At the top right you have a button to show them. There are no shipping costs for other electronic products. You can also remove items from the shopping cart.
Proceed to checkout. Once you have added the items to your shopping cart and are ready to ship orders, select Proceed to Checkout on the right. Then press “Send order” to proceed with the payment.